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FalixNodes Limited

July 2020 - Feburary 2023

I was a frontend developer at FalixNodes Limited, a company based in the UK. I built their entire landing page, completely build on Jekyll then later on Bridgetown; I’ve also built their desktop app known as FalixNodes Desktop, built on top of ElectronJS with vanilla code; and their mobile app, built with Expo and React Native.

FalixNodes Desktop

July 2018 - November 2022

Before I joined FalixNodes Limited, I built a desktop app for personal use and then shared it as community software. Eventfully when I was recruited as a support member, I brought up the software to Niks Zalan(CEO) and tried to make it official software, well it became official and was very popular to customers.

July 2018

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September 2021 - Feburary 2023

Before I came in, the company was using Bootstrap templates from Creative Tim. I am not a fan of companies using off the shelf templates and should be creating a website from scratch using original code. I have nothing against Creative Tim and other talented designers out there. As of September 2021, I created a website to introduce to FalixNodes and become their official web developer for our landing page and help center.

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FalixNodes App

September 2020 - May 2022

The mobile app, which was available for Android and iOS, was meant to serve the same purpose as FalixNodes Desktop. My experience with React Native was not great, so the app didn’t receive many updates…but was usable.

FalixNodes Opera Extension

Just like with FalixNodes Desktop, it was also built for quick access. So I took the time to build a simple extension for Opera. Just like FalixNodes Desktop v4, this never reached production.