| Korbs Studio is now SudoVanilla


SudoVanilla offers free and paid services.


Most of the free services are decentrlized services that SudoVanilla selfhosts like Penpot and GitLab.

Don’t see something you like? You can request SudoVanilla to add a service by sending an email.



SudoVanilla can be hired as a contractor to build a website for your personal use or for your company. The pages that can be bult for you are landing, blog, knowledge hub, contact, articles, features, pricing, and more.

The cost for this highly depends. Usually ranging from $100 - $600. If you choose keep me around as your web developer, it may cost between $200 - $400/month. Low maintaince is $25/month.

App Development

SudoVanilla can be hired as a contractor to build an desktop app for your company, prices are mostly the same as for websites.

Commonly, people do request to build an app like FalixNodes Desktop. If this is the case, you can pay a setup fee for me to setup a desktop application that’s built on the Nexus Polestar template. The setup fee is $75 one-time. Low maintance fee is $25/month.

If your app needs auto-update, SudoVanilla does offer an update server it can use at the low cost of $4/month.