| Korbs Studio is now SudoVanilla

Road Map


Nexus Polestar

An all new template built on Electron and Astro is in progress since the start of 2023, while it’s no where near ready for production, it’s expected to be production ready by the end of this year and fully completed by mid-2024.

The project has a lot going for it in terms of features, design, and quality.

Server Upgrades

Hopefully by the end of the year, the server that powers SudoVanilla will be upgraded to 64GB of memory.

This will be needed for plans in 2024, like starting a new Minecraft network server.

Expected cost: Between $160 - $200 for upgrade.

More Hardware

SudoVanilla is interested in purchasing a Mac computer for development purposes. It’s expected to cost around $630 for Apple’s new Mac Mini powered by the M2 chip.

The Mac would also be used as a server so that a CI/CD pipeline can run on it.

Expected cost: $630 for new Mac Mini M2 or $500 for a refurbished Mac, directly from Apple.


As many know, I’ve moved away from big platforms to decentralized platforms like Mastodon and Matrix. The move is still happening such as moving away from GitHub, YouTube, and more.


Build Own UI Library

For a long time, I’ve been planning on building an all new UI library, originally for personal use. This will be used all across SudoVanilla projects and applications.

It is planned to build it on top of Bridgetown, which means it’ll be built around mostly Liquid.

Minecraft Network

I’d seem to want to return to working on a Minecraft network; the name of this network has yet to be decided. Although, this time, I want the network to be more distinct and different, standing out from the crowd. Although, in this day and age, that may be difficult. As a result, I may search for more volunteers to assist with this project, and it is likely to take a full year or two to complete. Expected to be release to public in either 2025 or 2026 depending on the progress.

Some of the development like figuring out a name and such may occur in 2023.