Hello internet! Welcome to the new Korbs Studio all with a new name, new logo, and a lot of new stuff that is to come with this new phase. With this big of an announcement, a lot of things have changed and will explain everything in this article.

About The New Name

Why the new name and what’s the meaning behind it?

The reason for a new name is to move forward with what is presented, the name “Korbs Studio” has acutally lost it’s meaning and doesn’t fit anymore. Originally, back in 2014 - 2015, Corbs Studio(orignal name) was suppose to be a team of people for a new YouTube channel that does gaming and commentary, having a team is why the word “Studio” was used in the first place and it stuck. Of course, as most should know, there is no team here and it’s just Korbs…so Corbs Studio became an individual instead of a group of people.

As for the actual meaning for the new name I choice “Vanilla” as I prefer to work in vanilla code as much as possible when it comes to the basics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Adding “Sudo” to it just sounded cool and I’m a Linux user, so I use the sudo command quite often.

New Stuff

New Services

New services have been added as part of this big change, SudoVanilla now offers free and paid services.

All free services are selfhosted instance of free and open source software like GitLab and Penpot, you are welcomed to them on SudoVanilla’s server.

All paids services are handled differenlty than free services. Currently offered is web/app development if you want to hire SudoVanilla as a contract developer. Other paid services is web and Minecraft hosting, which is a monthly subscripton, this is all done manually to get you setup, so SudoVanilla is not turning into a full hosting company.

New Payment System

Korbs Studio has dealt with employers and clients in the past, along with some payment systems where they can send money to Korbs Studio. Since the start of this year of 2023, Korbs Studio has already tested a new payment system to recieve donations from Ko-Fi and directly from supporters. This is all thanks to a well known tool in the industry, it’s called Stripe. Some APIs and tools are still being tested, but functional so far with what I’ve been preparing for SudoVanilla.

This new payment system will be used for new services that have been recently added with this big change. Along with a new donation page using Stripe’s script.

Updated Status Page

The status page is still powered by Netweak, which is preferred by SudoVanilla. Some new featues have came in during this tranisition like groups. On the updated status page, you’ll see that websites and services are now in their own group. Alongside that, there is a new server added.

New Server

A Raspberry Pi 4 is now used for client websites, for those willing to pay the montly subscription for SudoVanilla Web Hosting. The Raspberry Pi 4 holds 256GB of storage, 8GB of ram, 1000Mbps of network speed so it’ll run smooth and fast for static websites.

It’s expected that the Raspberry Pi 4 will have better uptime than the main server, so it’s best suited for client websites. The main server is always going through changes, updates, and more all the time with the management that goes on behind it,in result it may be down for a minute or two if something goes wrong, or worse it could go down for an hour.

It was a goal to have better uptime this year and I’ll admit that I’ve failed to reach that goal already.

The Future of SudoVanilla

Projects like Nexus Polestar and Penpot Desktop are still in development and you can view the Road Map page to see more of what the future holds for SudoVanilla.

You can help support future development all of the work that goes on at SudoVanilla by donating.


What about Korbs himself?

Hi, I’m Korbs! Yeah, I’ll still go by the name Korbs, as that is what I’m known as. So you are still welcomed to call me that, SudoVanilla is more of a brand name like Korbs Studio.

What About The Old Domain?

Some people were actually aware that Korbs Studio was getting a name change and some of those people knew that a new domain was going to be used. So, what is going to happen to korbsstudio.com?

Most the URLs that go to the old domain won’t break. You are still free to report broken pages and URLs to the support email.

I’ll be taking advantage of Cloudflare’s bulk redirect feature, making sure that all URLs and paths are not broken.