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Security Policy

Reporting a Vulnerability

If there are any vulnerabilities in Penpot Desktop, don’t hesitate to report them.

  1. Please email [email protected].

  2. Describe the vulnerability.

    If you have a fix, that is most welcome — please attach or summarize it in your message!

  3. SudoVanilla will evaluate the vulnerability and, if necessary, release a fix or mitigating steps to address it. I will contact you to let you know the outcome, and will credit you in the report.

    Please do not disclose the vulnerability publicly until a fix is released!

  4. Once I have either a) published a fix, or b) declined to address the vulnerability for whatever reason, you are free to publicly disclose it.

If the vulnerability is not related to the desktop app itself and is related to Penpot, the email will be forwarded to [email protected].