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v0.3.1 Beta

  • Switch to AGPL V3 license
  • Added all new components
    • Dialog
    • Toast
    • Titlebar
  • Updated settings dialog
  • Updated titlebar
  • Updated empty state when there are no tabs
  • Upgraded all packages
  • Removed old code
  • Removed old resources

v0.2.3 Beta

  • Auto updating now available for macOS
  • ARM builds now available for macOS
  • Updated DMG background installer
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl + R - Reload Tab
    • Ctrl + W - Close Tab
    • Ctrl + Shift + W - Close Window
  • Added vibrancy for macOS
  • Added new message if all tabs are closed
  • Added DEB/RPM download links
  • Fixed window dragging for Linux
  • Fixed positioning issue when reloading app
  • Removed pencil for macOS app icon
  • Added Titlebar Theme Options for Linux

v0.2.2 Beta

  • Added settings dropdown
  • Updated tab style
  • Updated title script for tabs
  • Updated script for instance setting
  • Removed unused code
  • Bug fixes

v0.2.0 Beta

  • Rewritten code
  • Updated Electron from 21.1.1 to 23.0.0
  • Added funding, repo, and description to “package.json”
  • Support for Windows 7/8/8.1 is discontinued (Why?)
  • Changed update server destination to
  • Tab names will no longer end with ” - Penpot” and only show the project name
  • New icon for Windows
  • New icon for macOS
  • New icon for Linux
  • Removed settings page
  • Removed dashboard
  • Instance setting moved to titlebar

v0.1.2 Beta

  • Added Newsletter to homepage
  • Added banner to homepage
  • Added Font Awesome kit from Korbs Studio
  • Remove Font Awesome Pro files

v0.1.1 Beta

  • Add custom titlebar overlay for Linux (Mocking GTK)
  • Frame set to false for Linux
  • Removed RSS feed from home

This release is only for Linux

v0.1.0 Beta

  • Converted modals into their own tabs
  • Added home tab

v0.0.91 Alpha

  • Move tabs 80px over to the left for macOS

v0.0.9 Alpha

  • Added Tabs at the top of the window
  • Removed loading indicators
  • Anchor links with target blank will now open in new tabs
  • Preivews will now open in new tabs
  • Removed Glasstron
  • Removed blur composition
  • Updated splash

v0.0.8 Alpha

  • Includes Font Awesome Pro icons for offline usage (Duotone & Light)
  • Theme Setting (Light & Dark for Dashboard) #4
  • Updated backdrop blur to be darker
  • Improve UI/UX for Fonts section (Added !important for background color to override) #17
  • Fixed Preview issues that caused “Internal Error” #16
  • Added custom Node X11 package from Korbs Studio to remove annoying error message Glasstron/#199

v0.0.7 Alpha

  • Add drag button for Windows and macOS (Still buggy)
  • Improve UI/UX for Fonts section and Switch Team dropdown
  • Add a new welcome window
  • Add Glasstron and add blur to splash
  • Blur is disabled after 5 seconds to reduce CPU usage

v0.0.6 Alpha

  • Fix UI/UX on Sign Up page
  • Add dragging area to allow Windows/macOS users to drag the window

v0.0.5 Alpha

  • Replace update dialog with a HTML modal
  • Enforce dark mode for Penpot Dashboard
  • Add feedback when user clicks “Save” in Settings
  • App’s source code files moved around to be more organized
  • Code clean up

v0.0.4 Alpha

  • Add a loading indicator to show if the WebView is loading
  • Add “What’s New” option in menu items
  • Add “What’s New” pop up
  • Update Electron from v18.0.0 to v20.1.4

v0.0.3 Alpha

  • Set a default hostname on first launch to

v0.0.2 Alpha

  • Adding Settings
    • Hostname

v0.0.1 Alpha

Alpha stage has begun