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Nexus Polestar

Getting Started

What is Nexus Polestar?

Nexus Polestar is an Electron component-based template made using Astro that allows you to adjust the layout, configure the options presented, customize the code to your liking, and much more. Other technologies, like as TypeScript, Font Awesome, and Astro plugins like i18n, are also integrated. Other stuff about the template has been done for you such as operating system integration, automation, and more.


To work with Nexus Polestar, the following are required:

  • NodeJS - v18.17.1 or higher
  • Yarn

To confirm that you have the required tools installed, run:

npm -v
node -v
yarn -v

Creat Your App

  1. Clone the repository
git clone --branch=pluto
  1. Install modules
  1. Update all modules
yarn upgrade --latest
  1. Run Nexus Polestar in development mode:
yarn start

Setup Metadata It's very important that you edit the metadata for your desktop app.