• Louisville, Kentucky
  • https://sudovanilla.com
  • I’m Korbs, a frontend software and web developer. I enjoy to work with open source, component based web technology, and focus on self-hosting services. I’m known for current projects like Penpot Desktop and FalixNodes Desktop.

  • Joined on 2023-04-19
Updated 2023-04-23 21:44:59 -04:00
GUI installer for Linux (Beta)
Updated 2023-04-23 21:44:28 -04:00
For elementary OS 5.1.7 and below only. If you are using elementary OS 6.0, please enable dark mode in your system settings and don't use this repo.
Updated 2023-04-23 21:43:01 -04:00
A dark theme for plank. For Elementary OS.
Updated 2023-04-23 21:42:20 -04:00