• Louisville, Kentucky
  • https://sudovanilla.com
  • I’m Korbs, a frontend software and web developer. I enjoy to work with open source, component based web technology, and focus on self-hosting services. I’m known for current projects like Penpot Desktop and FalixNodes Desktop.

  • Joined on 2023-04-19
A more stripped down version of the official Dream Frame theme.
Updated 2023-04-23 21:50:07 -04:00
Dream Frame for Powercord
Updated 2023-04-23 21:41:53 -04:00
Maintained version of Aurora
Updated 2023-04-23 21:40:34 -04:00
Dream Frame for Guilded
Updated 2023-04-23 21:38:48 -04:00
Dream Frame is a full theme for Discord, supported for BetterDiscord and Powercord, meant to bring a new elegent design to the Discord user interface.
Updated 2023-04-23 21:29:13 -04:00