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GUI installer for Linux (Beta)
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Please use the official repo from Powercord

Powercord Installers

This project is planned to be discontinued after the release of Powercord v3. Although there are no plans anyway for future updates as of now. So this may already be discontinued ;P

This is unofficial and no one from Powercord will help you if the script has issues, just submit a report to issues.

This project was only made for fun and for those who are new to Linux and are total noobs.

All scripts are put together by Korbs.



Discord Canary - No GUI

bash <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dream-frame/powercord-installer/master/linux/nogui/debian/powercord-for-discord-canary.sh)


Discord Canary - No GUI

bash <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dream-frame/powercord-installer/master/linux/nogui/fedora/powercord-for-discord-canary.sh


There are no plans to create a script for Arch, Arch users aren't noobs


There are no plans to create a GUI installer for Windows

You could try PlugGUI by Creatable.


There are no plans to create a GUI installer for OSX

You could try PlugGUI by Creatable.

To Do

  • Convert Zenity to Whiptail

  • Create GUI Installer

  • Add custom icon to Powercord

  • Test on a different distro

  • Make script auto detect requirements - Node 12 & NPM - Git