Get started with Glasstron.
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This repo uses glasstron-clarity package, a maintained version of Glasstron by Korbs Studio.

Glasstron Quick Start



As far as I'm aware, these are the following requirements for Glasstron.


As with any Electron application:

npm i

To start the application:

npm start

Questions and Answers

Blur Types

  • Windows: acrylic
  • macOS: vibrancy
  • Linux: blurbehind

Mica is a new blur type introduced by Windows 11, Glasstron plans to bring support for it in Glasstron v2.0.

How to set opacity

There are no options from Glasstron to set this, this is pure CSS, as mentioned here.

You can simply just adjust the opacity of your background color you have set for your app's background.


Blur doesn't shows up on Linux

On Linux, this completely depends on the desktop environment you're using.

GNOME: Use the Blur My Shell extension.

KDE Plasma: Enable Blur in your system settings.

As for other DEs, you'll need to do a little research if you can add or enable blur for them. I've only used GNOME, KDE, and Pantheon as my main DE over the years.

NOTE: Blur is not supported on Pantheon(elementary OS).

Python not detected (Windows)

If you're getting an error like this, you'll need to tell Node where your install path of Python is.

As an example, if your install of Python is located at the root of your C:\ drive(like it should be), then you would do the following:

npm install --python="C:\Python\python.exe"

Pointing to the .exe file is necessary.

There is mouse latency on Windows

  • Issue #59 on Glasstron
  • This was once an issue with the Vibrancy extension for Visual Studio Code, you can look at Issue #5 if you're interested.

Quick fix: Just use blurbehind instead of acrylic

This is not caused by Glasstron, but according to Arytonex it's "on the Windows side of composition"