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Dream Frame for Powercord
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Dream Frame

image Dream Frame offers customization like custom background, colors, fonts, and blur adjustments. One of the best translucent themes out there for Powercord and BetterDiscord.


Custom Splash Screen

The custom splash screen is new in Dream Frame v4.03, where you can add a custom background to the splash screen when Discord is booting up. This is ONLY possible in Powercord.

Custom Background

Use an image URL from popular image providers to set whatever background you want that fill the whole screen. Set blur, opacity, rotation, and other adjustments to the background.

Custom Colors

You can set an accent color to whatever you like best, instead of seeing Discord's default accent color known as blurple and also set accent text color.

Profile Covers

Dream Frame is one of the themes to support profile covers. Go to Black Box's support server and request a background cover for your profile. You can also view other's covers too by viewing their profiles.

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