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{% include master/head.html %}
{% include master/header.html %}
<script src="/assets/js/tab-switcher.js"></script>
<img src="/assets/images/Christmas with Friends.png">
<div class="content">
<h1 id="for-banner">{{page.title}}</h1>
<section id="extra-menu">
<button onclick="toTab('2021', this, 'var(--blue-light)'); document.getElementById('extra-placeholder').style.display = 'none';" class="tab">2021</button>
<button onclick="toTab('2022', this, 'var(--blue-light)'); document.getElementById('extra-placeholder').style.display = 'none';" class="tab">2022</button>
<section id="extra-placeholder">
<p>Select a year to see content...</p>
{{ content }}
{% include master/footer.html %}
#Portfolio {background: var(--blue-light);}