An unofficial Docker Image for Netweak Agent
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Netweak Agent for Docker


This is an unofficial Docker Image for Netweak's agent. This was built so I can run it on Windows and macOS.

When installing a new Netweak Agent, grab the token from the install instructions from your Netweak dashboard. Put the token into the token.conf file.

To run it, use Docker Compose v2 or newer:

docker compose up -d

You may need to use sudo depending on your OS and setup.


Metric only shows around 60GB of disk space, why is that?

By default, at least in Docker Desktop on my Mac Mini M2, the virtual disk limit is set to 64GB.

Is this an offical Docker Image for Netweak?

No, SudoVanilla is not affiliated with Netweak in any way. This is NOT an official Docker image. SudoVanilla is only an enterprise customer of Netweak.